“Echoes” EP Launch

Beautiful, Magical, breathtaking night!

Thank you so much Blue Meanies making the EP launch a very very special night for us. 

Huge thanks to Namywa and Gasoline & Matches for being utterly brilliant. We received so many comments about how good the support acts were which is exactly what we want. Go and like, share, stream, purchase the music and merch and get along to the gigs as they are amazing artists. 

To Arthur Tapp the promotor of the The Catapult Club to have you with us at this gig considering the week you have had was emotional my friend. Thank you for yet another blinding night. 

Big cuddle for all the crew and the O2 staff who helped us get onstage and ready for you all. It was touch and go at times but hey, this is live music!!

Finally I want to thank our manager. Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey. He is the 4th member of Blue Nation and without him we would be nowhere. The work leading up to this gig is unreal. He ploughs through it day in day out and doesn’t want any credit or glory for it. Honestly, no one would have had a CD if it wasn’t for him and that is just one of the thousands of roles and jobs he does for us. Thank you Ron (Da) for all the hard work.

Once again from all of us, thank you so much. Our dreams are becoming a reality and it is mind blowing! 

Neil, Luke, Oli

Photos by LN Photography РLittleninjaphotography and Suzi Dian