Blue Nation winners of The Introducing Stage!

Photo by Haluk Gurer

We won the The Great British Rock and Blues Festival Introducing Stage! It was an absolute privilege to be even asked to play this festival but the day got even better for us!

4 bands and each member of the audience got 1 vote! The winner with the most votes wins a place on the MAIN STAGE at next year’s Festival! This is a huge huge deal for bands! The opportunity to play alongside some massive bands and test your skills on a big old stage in-front of die hard rock and blues fans!

So….we played, we did the usual over talking and just gave it everything we had. The reaction from the crowd was off the scale! So kind, generous and they stuck with us throughout the set. We bounced off stage not thinking anything else apart from what a wicked time we had and how amazing the crowd was!

Well….WE ONLY WENT AND WON!!! Cannot believe it! To everyone who voted for us, to everyone who came and speak to us after, the merch we sold and the beautiful comments you gave us, we thank you. You have no idea how much this means to us and how happy you have made us. This is the reason we do this. For special moments like this that blow our tiny minds! Set the date for your calendar – Sunday 15th Jan 2023 we will be at this amazing festival on the MAIN STAGE! 🤯

Thank you so so much 🔵✌🔵