3rd Place in BAND OF THE YEAR!

🎸🥁🎤 “Humbled and Ecstatic: We grabbed 3rd Place in Great Music Stories’ Band of the Year Competition!” 🌟🎉

We’re over the moon to share the exhilarating news—out of a staggering 174 phenomenal bands, we’ve clinched the 3rd place spot and earned the prestigious Bronze award in the Great Music Stories’ Band of the Year competition. What an incredible journey it has been!

To be recognized among such a talented pool of musicians is beyond words. It’s a testament to the unwavering support and love of our fans, the dedication of our team, and the music that pulses through our veins. This achievement belongs not just to us but to each person who believed in our sound and passion.

We’re beyond grateful for the immense privilege of sharing our music with you this year. The energy, the vibes, and the sheer love for music have been electrifying. It’s a privilege to have connected with such wonderful souls and shared our melodies and rhythms.

We are overflowing with gratitude for everyone who has stood by us, cheered for us, and rocked out to our tunes. This achievement belongs to each one of you who has made this dream a reality.

So, here’s to our magnificent supporters, the incredible team behind us. Thank you for being part of our story, for your love, and for believing in us.

As we soak in this victory, we promise to keep creating music that resonates, that moves, and that speaks to the soul. The journey doesn’t end here—it’s just another milestone on our musical odyssey.

Big love and endless gratitude from us to you! 🤘❤️🎶

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