EP LAUNCH – Cancelled


We’ve got some tough news to share regarding our EP launch scheduled for Feb 3rd at the MAC.

Unfortunately, we found out today that the MAC have identified the presences of RAAC in isolated sections of their old roof in their main theatre so as a precaution they have temporarily close the space while they undertake building work. The MAC can’t confirm if the venue will be ready in time for our big day so the event has been cancelled. 😔 Our hearts go out to the MAC and everyone associated with the venue; this is a massive blow for them. 

To those who’ve already purchased tickets, the MAC will be sending you a refund. We know this is disappointing, but we appreciate your understanding.

Your tickets will NOT be carried over to the next venue. We would strongly advise you check that the full refund on your tickets has been processed with the MAC.

Now, the show must go on! We’re on a mission to find another fantastic venue in the Birmingham area to host our EP launch on the same day. 🕵️‍♂️ Please bear with us as we navigate these unexpected twists and turns.

Thank you for your support and patience. We promise to make this EP launch one for the books, no matter where it takes place. Stay tuned for updates, and let’s turn this setback into a comeback! 🌟

Neil, Luke & Oli 🪬✌🏻☮️

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