National Radio debut ✅

Thank you to all the team at Times Radio for trusting us with the platform to speak about the Mental Health Foundation and the work we will be doing with them this year. 

To all the guests we met, thank you for being so ruddy wonderfully with us, it was a pleasure to share this moment with you.

Big thank you to Guy B for sorting this out and coaching us through the debut! We owe you one mate. X

And finally to all of you that tuned in, we saw all the comments when we came off air and it was mind blowing. Thanks for sticking with us, live radio is a thing of beauty and sometimes you got to get your point across quick and sing your song double quick! Listen again here —-

I hope we did you proud.

Neil & Luke 🪬✌🏻

📸Eric Duvet Photography

Blue Nation at Times Radio, London, UK

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