“Echoes” EP now available on CD

THE BRAND NEW EP “Echoes” is available to buy on CD now! Order your copy now as we have produced a limited run of Physical CDs to keep the cost down for you. 1: I Feel Low2: Come Back Home3: Echoes4: The Reason Blue Nation “Echoes”: Neil Murdoch (Guitar, Vocals) Luke Weston (Bass, Backing Vocals) …

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“Echoes” EP Launch

Beautiful, Magical, breathtaking night! Thank you so much Blue Meanies making the EP launch a very very special night for us.  Huge thanks to Namywa and Gasoline & Matches for being utterly brilliant. We received so many comments about how good the support acts were which is exactly what we want. Go and like, share, …

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“Echoes” EP Review

UNBELIEVABLE 9/10!!! “This is a band taking their songwriting and musicality to a Level that rivals the best from either side of the Atlantic” Thank you so much to Emerging Rock Bands and for his amazing words Craig Bailey. This is a truly mind blowing review and score for the new EP! We cannot catch …

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